• ”I absolutely love my mini wallet! At first, I wasn’t sure if I would like the sliding card holder because I’ve only had traditional-style wallets. I’m glad I gave it a try! The wallets are of great quality. I ordered a couple for gifts, and everyone likes them.”

    - Ceejai Y.

  • ”I received a wallet as a Christmas gift last year and have used it ever since. I carry it daily, and it’s still durable; the color and material are still intact like new, and I don’t see myself using or needing to buy a replacement going forward. I like to keep things minimal, and this wallet does it for me!”

    - Sierra X.

  • ”My husband is super picky when it comes to wallets and his accessories. I bought this for him as a late birthday gift, and his first impression was that it wouldn’t fit all of his cards and cash, but we put everything in, and he was surprised it fit! He loved it even more once he realized how compact it is and how great the quality felt in his pocket.”

    - Mai G Xiong

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The Perfect Wallet for Every Need

Most minimalist wallets cater only to card users and fall short on space for cash. Hmong people, who often use cash for events and stores, need a better solution. That’s why I created Comree (Compact + Carry).

Our wallets are small and compact, yet they fit all your essentials—cards, cash, receipts, coins, and more. With RFID protection and easy access to all your cards, Comree wallets come in over 10 colors, multiple styles, and materials to suit your needs.

At Comree, there’s a wallet for everyone—young or old, male or female. We’ve got you covered!

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